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Surprise! | [Main Line Family Photographer]

Do you remember how cold it was the Saturday after Thanksgiving? These four people do! They’re siblings, but now they live in three different states (none of them Pennsylvania!) and this was the only time we could all get together for their family photo session.

I was excited to work with them and their mom because they were planning a surprise Christmas gift for their dad. We met at a location that means a lot to him, and we got some really beautiful photos. The “kids” predicted that their dad would cry when he saw the images, and while I can’t confirm it, I have it on good authority that their prediction came true. 🙂

B family, it was really wonderful to work with you—I’m really glad we were able to successfully complete our covert operation!

January 21, 2013 - 11:26 pm

Elinor Ball - What fun to find this posted on your site tonight! Loved finally meeting you. Thanks again for everything!!

January 23, 2013 - 10:35 am

Vinita - What a lovely surprise!! Love the beautiful colours!

Another Z | [Chester County Newborn Photographer]

Whew! It was a crazy busy holiday season, and I’m excited to finally have a chance to sit down and do a little blogging! I’ve been holding this little guy’s photos for a while so his parents could have a chance to surprise their friends and family with his birth announcements. Wouldn’t you like to open an envelope and see this sweet little face?

This is the second time I worked with this family on a newborn photo session. You may recognize the Z in the last photo from his big sister’s newborn session a few years ago. That’s her holding him below—hard to believe she was ever so small!

Thank you, Z family, for calling me again. It’s always fun to work with you!

The R Family | [Philadelphia Area Family Photographer]

This family was so great! Gorgeous (as you can see!), relaxed, and fun-loving. The kids got along well, and they were all about the posing—check out the black & white photo at the bottom!

I think the dad was concerned that our photo session was going to be long, stiff, and boring—after the first shutter click, he asked me how many shots I planned to take. 🙂 But I think he might have been pleasantly surprised at the fun we had and how quickly things went. The kids told me they had a good time, and that’s always one of my goals. Another one of my goals is to get some shots of Mom and Dad together, and I think we got a great one. Don’t they look wonderful?

Thank you, R family, for a fun afternoon—I’m glad we decided to go for the cool-weather session!

Fall Fun | [Chester County Family Photographer]

This little family will soon increase by approximately 40%. Yep, they’re preparing for twins(!) in the next few months. When I saw Mom’s announcement on Facebook a few months ago, I was so excited for them—I’ve known them since they were expecting big brother T (click the links to see him as a newborn, at six months old, and at his one year session).

You may notice that I use a lot of diptych and triptych shots of T—he has such a personality that I just have to show the progression of his expressions from one shot to the next. He’s a little comedian, too. After our session, his mom encouraged him to tell me a joke: “What says, ‘Oh! Oh! Oh!’?” When I couldn’t guess it, he said (with perfect timing, I might add), “Santa Claus walking backward!” Yes, I’m afraid these parents are going to have their hands full with this one (I can only imagine what his younger siblings will be like)! 🙂

J & P, as always, it was really fun working with you. I’m so glad we beat Sandy to the punch and managed to capture your photos in the beautiful leaves, and I can’t wait to meet your new additions and follow them through their first year!

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