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[Chester County Children’s Photographer] | Traditions

When I first met the Z family nearly five years ago, I was excited to see this beautiful couch and paint color in their living room. We posed little 7-day-old L on it, and I loved the simplicity of it. As you can see below, the gold couch has become something of a tradition for us. Each time I go there, the kids pose on the couch. The family features these photos in that room, because of course they coordinate with the décor. 🙂

Miss Z wasn’t too happy in her first appearance, but she did better last week when I was there to spend time with little E.

It’s a fun way to document the kids’ growth. I know lots of families do this with their snapshots—my Facebook feed often features monthly photos of babies as they grow. But have you ever considered doing it with your professional photos? It doesn’t have to be a piece of furniture . . . it could be a favorite toy or some other element of your home.

Think about it . . . and then give me a call. We can do something similar for your family!

[Chester County Newborn Photographer] | E Makes Three

I was so excited when the Z family called and asked me to do newborn photography for their family’s newest addition because I worked with her big brother and sister when they were newborns.

Miss E was just about a week old when I met her, and she was the perfect subject! She slept and slept, but toward the end she woke up and was quite alert. I was so glad I was able to capture her beautiful eyes. And of course, we had to use the couch! Her siblings were happy to pose with her, and it was really great to see how they’ve grown. Thank you, Z family, for a fun session!

[Philadelphia Area Baby Photographer] | Mr. H

I recently met baby H for a photo session, and we had a great time with his family! Of course his parents were there, but his grandparents came too, and we got several three-generation images that I think they’ll love. It was easy for me to remember everyone’s names because half of them were the same! H shares his dad’s and grandpa’s first name.

When I talked to his mom before our session, she mentioned how much their entire family is just really enjoying little H. I think it shows in the photos, don’t you? 😉

Philadelphia area baby photographer

Philadelphia area baby photographer

A & E | [Philadelphia Area Twin/Newborn Photographer]

A month or so ago, I met these cuties for their newborn session. And now that their birth announcements have gone out, I can finally share them on my website!

In some ways, it’s hard to believe these two were born on the same day—little E (who’s older) was nearly two pounds smaller than her brother A. She has such delicate features! And despite what you see here, she was wide awake for much of our session.

They both look a lot like their big brother did when he was a newborn, but I think A especially does. And I’ve seen some more recent photos of him on Facebook . . . the cheeks!

Mom had a great decorative sled, and she found the cutest “Elmer Fudd” hats! We had fun posing the babies in front of the fireplace. It makes a perfect scene, don’t you think?

And finally, of course we had to get a photo of the twins with their big brother T. He’s four now, and quite a card. I got to spend some one-on-one time with him while the babies were eating, and we had a great time.

Watch for more photos of this family in the coming year . . . I can’t wait to see how everyone has grown at the twins’ six-month and one-year sessions!

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