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Asti & Jasper | [Chester County Pet Photographer]

I’ve known Asti and Jasper (and their “parents”!) for a long time, so I was excited to work with them this fall. They couldn’t be more opposite—in obvious things like their coat colors, but also in their personalities. Of course, the difference in their ages might have something to do with that, too!

Asti is a calm old guy who’s been through a lot health-wise in the last several months. And Jasper is young and rambunctious—we had to spend some time tiring him out before we could get any shots of him sitting or lying down! But they’re pretty good buddies, nonetheless, and it was really fun to work with them. Thanks, D and B!

Twice as Nice | [Chester County Newborn Photographer]

Would you look at these little beauties? They were just seven days old when I met them, and they modeled like champs! They were so calm and relaxed, and the super-warm temps meant that we pretty much did their entire newborn session outside!

I just loved their sweet little hats. Can you believe their mom’s doc knitted them? She had one all made and ready, but they thought that the second baby would be a boy. When they discovered that she wasn’t, the doc quickly whipped up another one just for baby K!

Of course, we couldn’t have a photo session without including big brother C. He just turned three, and is a lover of all things Thomas. But he was happy to lie down and pose with his sisters when Mom mentioned that there would be jellybeans at the end!

C and K, thank you so much for allowing me to come and photograph your family. It was really great spending time with all of you, and we captured some beautiful images!

A is for Adorable | [Chester County Newborn Photographer]

This little guy’s mom and I have known each other for almost 15 years . . . since back in our carefree single days. 🙂 I worked with his big brother (don’t they look alike?!) a few years ago, and I was really excited to meet him and snuggle him and get him in front of my camera.

He was a little older than most of the newborns that I work with, so he was quite alert. It took some maneuvering to get him to sleep, but we managed it! And I think we got some beautiful portraits of him.

Not only does A have a human brother, but he also has several kitty-cat siblings. And Leo decided that he would be my assistant. He served as a stand-in for A, and he made sure I had the background adjusted just “so.” After all that, he took a break to lounge in the backdrop “hammock” that was created between the backdrop stand and the beanbag. Silly kitty!

J and M, it was great to meet your new addition—I can’t wait to get to know him better as he grows!

Hunger Games | [Chester County Newborn Photographer]

Miss R played some hunger games with us, all right! Oh, not the kind in the book or the movie . . . the kind where all she wanted to do during our session was eat! 🙂 But in between her meals and snacks, we got some beautiful portraits of her and her family.

You may remember her mom’s recent maternity session, and her big brother’s newborn session from a few years ago (don’t they look alike?!).

Mr. H was very cooperative and a lot of fun to work with. We played with his “guys” and his trucks, and he posed for a few photos with Dad. At one point, he begged to hold the baby. I know he’s going to be a great big brother!

A and C, it’s really been wonderful getting to know all of you. I look forward to working with you again and watching H and R grow!

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